The Spring Session 8-Ball Tri-Cup will be held May 18th (Saturday). 9-Ball Tri-Cups will be held February 11th. Both Tournaments will be held at Hotshots Webster. Winners of the Tri-Cup will split $6,000 in Cash and Qualify for the 2024 World Pool Qualifier. Below are the Boards for both Tri-Cups. Teams need to check in 15 minutes before their scheduled match time. Good Luck to everyone competing.


Starting Times for both Tournaments are the Same. First round Starts at 10:30. Winners of round one will play directly after round 1 or as soon as possible.  

 Spring 24 9-Ball Tri-Cup Board     

9-Ball Rosters 


Spring 24 8-BALL Tri-Cup Board  

 8-Ball Rosters 

   Tri-Cup Structure
The Tri-Cup Tournament is held three times a year and is considered an extension of playoffs. This tournament consists of all teams who came in first place in division standings or won their division playoffs. The Tri-Cup Tournament is a single elimination format. In each Tri-Cup Tournament, the Teams win the opportunity to advance to the Local World Qualifier.
   Handicaps For This Event
All players participating in the Tri-Cup Tournament will play at their highest session ending handicap from the session they qualified for the event or what they have played as in the current session – whichever is the higher of the two skill levels.
   Common Players 
If two teams meet up with a common player(s) during any Tri-Cup Tournament, the common player(s) will sit out of the match completely. A player may not quit one team to participate with another team at this tournament. 
  Players Playing For More Then One Team 
Players playing for more then one team in this Tournament will need to notify their Captains prior to the start of the Tournament. It is recommended that Captains have a plan to avoid any play conflicts with the other Team. Matches will not be held up to wait for any player to finish up another match playing.    
   Remaining Eligible For This Event
A team must participate the following session, in the same format they qualified in, with at least four original members, with the minimum matches played, to remain eligible for the Tri-Cup Tournament. The roster a team will use in the Tri-Cup Tournament is the roster they had the last week of playoffs in the prior session.  A player who does not return to the qualified team, will be able to participate with the team.  
   Sudden Death Will Be In Effect
In 8-Ball: This format will be implemented 3 hours and 30 minutes into an 8-Ball match in the St. Louis APA League area. Each team must be in the 5th individual match by the 3 hour and 30 minutes mark or all subsequent matches will consist of 2 racks regardless of skill. If a team is not in the 5th individual match by the 3-hour-30-minute mark, then the final match will consist of 2 racks regardless of skill. *Please note: The first rack will be worth 2 points; the second rack (if needed) will be worth 1 point.
In 9-Ball: Sudden death will be implemented at the 3 hours into a 9-Ball match. Each team match must be in the fifth individual match by the 3 hour mark or all subsequent matches will consists of points earned being doubled.