Players will compete to win an assisted trip to Vegas to play in the APA Team Captains Championship held in conjunction with the World Pool Championships held August 13-16 2019.  Players are encouraged to pre-register for this tournament. You can Register right here on the web site under the "Tournament Registration" tab on the left hand side menu. 

Singles Play
Players must be from the STL APA League area.
To go to Vegas, players must have completed two (2) sessions as a Team Captain of a St. Louis APA team in the 2018/2019 League year (Summer 2018, Fall 2018, Spring 2019). 
Alternate between 8-Ball & 9-Ball racks, starting with 8-Ball.
8-Ball Skill levels are used for this tournament.  
Games Must Win chart will be used.
Players must have played at least six (6) times in the Spring Session.
Matches played can be in either the standard 8‐Ball, 9‐Ball or Ladies formats.
Players must be on an active (Summer Session) APA roster to go to Vegas.  
Players must have at least 20 original 8-Ball or 9-Ball scores within the last two (2) years by July 9, 2019. Combination of the two formats is not allowed.
Player that have fewer then twenty (20) scores within the last two (2) years will play at one skill level higher then their established skill level. 
Players with scores in both formats will play at the highest of the two (2) skill levels if there is one.
Example. I'm a 3 in 8-Ball and a 4 in 9-Ball, I register as a 4 in this tournament. If I have fewer then twenty (20) scores in both by the deadline I would register as a 5.
100% payback of entry fees to the top finishing Players of each tier to help cover travel expenses to Las Vegas to play in the 2018 APA Team Captains Championships August 11-14, 2018. Payback for this tournament will be split between winners of the 4 tiers. Payout rules will be executed the same as all the other formats we offer. 
4 Players will advance to Vegas 

APA Team Captains Championship information